List of Grantees

The Ireland Funds are strategically placed to ensure that grant recipients utilize resources efficiently. Our grant process ensures clear objectives with measurable results. We support vital work by determining the areas with most need and working with donors where their gifts can be most effective. Examples of some of the over 3000 projects we have assisted are below.


Barretstown Camp

At camp, children from around the world who have known the pain and trauma of cancer and other serious conditions learn to transcend their illness in a magical setting in Ireland. Through their unique, medically endorsed program, these children discover all they can do rather than what they cannot.

At Barretstown, they help children find the courage they need to undertake the difficult journey of their illness and its treatment and encourage them to participate more actively in their own recovery process. After taking part in one of the weekend, ten-day or week-long programs, children go home with more confidence, self-esteem and most importantly, the reassurance that happiness is not just for healthy children.

Barretstown makes a real difference in the lives of children with a serious illness. But the truth is, there is much more work to be done. Barretstown is providing this bit of ordinary childhood to children with seriously illnesses entirely free of charge to their families, including round-trip transportation and medical supervision. Each year Barretstown needs to raise nearly $5.3 million to run its programs; they rely entirely on the generosity of individuals, corporations and organizations such as The American Ireland Fund.


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  • Founded by Paul Newman, Barretstown opened in 1994.
  • The core summer programme is a unique 10-day therapeutic recreation experience.
  • Supervision is highly individualised with a minimum two-to-one ratio of children to carefully trained supervisors.
  • Children come to Barretstown from Ireland, Britain and throughout Europe, diagnosed with a wide range of illnesses - primarily cancer and serious blood diseases.
  • Barretstown's medical centre is staffed 24 hours a day by paediatric specialists and nurses.

"Over the past many years since first opening the camp's gates in 1994, Barretstown has been fortunate to have The American Ireland Fund and its membership support our program. It is extraordinary to know that AIF continues to believe in the camp's enduring impact on these children's lives and celebrates Paul Newman's decision to establish the first ever Hole in the Wall Camp outside the United States in Ireland.
As the fulfilment of our mission relies on the generosity of others, Barretstown is grateful to be among the remarkable projects and initiatives the AIF supports in Ireland. The American Ireland Fund remains a part of the magic, discovery, and serious fun shared year-round with our campers at Barretstown."

- Alison Barad, Barretstown Development Officer, USA